Award Winning Author Elizabeth Gilbert Talks About Success, Failure & The Drive To Keep Creating

Due to the success of her memoir, Eat, Pray, Love, award-winning author, Elizabeth Gilbert gained insights into why success can be as disorienting as failure.

The once “unpublished diner waitress,” began to identify with what she was before and what she had become.

Gilbert proposes a wonderfully simple, yet difficult way of continuing on, despite any setbacks or hardships encountered along the way and regardless of the results.

In this light-hearted, but meaningful video, Gilbert reflects on her previous and present self and the way to keep pushing forward in all weathers.

She offers some insightful views into her own experiences and leaves viewers with some “takeaways” that they may be able to adapt into their own lives and circumstances. Food for thought.

Original Source: Award winning author Elizabeth Gilbert talks about success, failure and the drive to keep creating. Ted Talks YouTube Channel