About The Marketing Hot Tub Podcast

The Marketing Hot Tub Podcast is brought to you by JVFocus.com

Helping your business with success stories and expert interviews from leading marketing experts.

Discover how successful entrepreneurs leverage online marketing strategies which has helped them and their business grow, becoming authority figures in their respective domains.

The Marketing Hot Tub Podcasts will share actionable business building advice, strategies and tactics which produces results.

Meet Your Marketing Hot Tub Hosts

Co-Hosted by the founder of JV Focus William Murray, and Dave Hughes.

About William MurrayWilliam built his very first online community for a bunch of UNIX-geeks back in early 2000, growing the online educational site to 22,000 in 3 months.

After a short break from online marketing (11 years), William came back into the scene to learn modern-day digital marketing strategies.

He built successful community #2 in early 2012 leveraging (renting) a facebook group for Marketers to Joint Venture and do business together.


In September 2013 William planned out the concept of JV Focus (with the help of his mentor) and officially launched the site in Jan 2014.

About Dave HughesDave is a 30+ year veteran of broadcast radio, and currently is the morning show host on a 100,000 watt FM station in Mississippi, USA.

He discovered the world of internet marketing in 2010 and jumped in with both feet.

This led to his first-ever product launch in January of 2011, which sold two copies (and one of those requested a refund).

He now has several products on the market, designed to help marketers improve their voice, presentation and effectiveness. And yes, that IS his real hair.

Dave has been a proactive contributor of the JV Focus community since we went live and we’re delighted Dave agreed to co-host our new podcasting show with William.

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