5 Tips for Agency Owners to Win with Cold Leads

“ATTN: Agency owners and marketing freelancers! Where should you start when you’re looking to build clients, a specific campaign, or even your business portfolio?” Posted on the DigitalMarketer.com blog.

Interesting video regarding: 5 Tips for Agency Owners to Win with Cold Leads by Jena Apgar that I found on the DigitalMarketer.com blog.
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Jenna Apgar from LeadFlow 360 dives into the 5 business success tips she shares with her clients. She’s helped other agency owners and marketing freelancers develop campaigns that generated six figures in just 90 days. 

LeadFlow365 is the best cold lead application to help you Find, Research, Contact, AND Close Marketing Agency Leads in 3 Easy Steps

Watch to learn her non-negotiables for running a successful agency.

In this video:

  • The secret sauce to getting consistent results in business. 00:30 – 00:50
  • How to avoid the typical feast or famine roller coaster. 1:22 – 1:50
  • The ONE trick to saving time reaching your sales goals. 1:50 – 2:17
  • The best questions to ask to learn more about your ideal customer. 3:15 – 3:46
  • The trick NO ONE ELSE IS USING to get new clients that works like crazy. 4:57 – 5:05

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5 Tips for Agency Owners to Win with Cold Leads
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