5 Mini SEO Tips to Help You Get an Edge on the Competition

In this video Pat Flynn talks about 5 small things you can do to help get your site ranked on Google. As he says each one is not that big, but if you combine all 5 together they will make a difference to your sites rankings.

1. Include images in your blog post by changing file name to match keyword you are targeting in your post. Change title of image to match.

2. Decrease words in your permalink and increase keyword density.

3. Create Google+ page for your website.

4. Create a YouTube channel for your website.

5. Add nofollow attribute to your affiliate links.

Pat goes into detail on how to apply these tactics to your site. His video runs 17 minutes and is well worth watching while you enjoy a coffee. Out of all of the tips probably #5 is the most difficult to implement and Pat has an easy way to do this.

Original Source: The official Pat Flynn YouTube Channel