35 journaling exercises to get you “unstuck”

“If you’ve ever felt “stuck” in your business or personal life… Or don’t feel motivated to do anything at times… You’re far from alone. In fact, I’ve felt this way plenty of times over the course of my career. Fortunately, I’ve discovered an easy solution for getting over that “stuck” feeling. It’s journaling. And I credit this super simple yet extremely powerful daily exercise for the lion’s share of my success, both as an online business coach and as a person. Which is why on today’s livestream… I’ll be sharing 35 of my favorite journaling exercises to help you grow your business and expand your mind. These journaling exercises have helped me tremendously in my own life and business. And I’m confident they’ll help you, too. In this video, renowned entrepreneur, Rich Schefren talks about: 35 journaling exercises to get you “unstuck”

Rich Schefren released a video recently talking about: 35 journaling exercises to get you “unstuck”


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35 journaling exercises to get you “unstuck”
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