Yaro Starak Discovers Doing The Dishes Helps To Get His Motivation Going And He Becomes Even More Productive

There are days when we wonder if it’s all worth it. There are days when we just can’t get going, while it would be wonderful to feel positive and focused all the time, we’re human and have times when it is hard to motivate ourselves.

Yaro Starak finds that doing his dishes helps to get his motivation going!

Now before you laugh and say what a load of rubbish that is, I have to say that I have found just the same results (and that was before I found his video and the article it was based on)!

Yaro says in his article, ‘How to remain productive when you feel like giving up’ that ‘Your mind is your greatest asset for success in business, but it can be just as strong a force of hindrance, sabotaging your efforts, destroying your work ethic …’

By leaving those seemingly innocuous chores to pile up they play on your subconscious and that can affect your motivation and productivity.

So if you start your work day by doing a visible chore, like the dishes, vacuuming or washing that will make you feel positive and productive, you’ll see the results instantly as the piles of clothes or dirty floor disappear.

By being productive you are focusing your thoughts and actions on output and that is positive. By being active and productive it creates positive thoughts and feelings.

You want to continue to feel those and so continue to be productive. So, doing the dishes really can boost your productivity as it focuses your mind on positive thoughts and actions which you can transfer from your successful chore completion to work goals.

I also find that by doing chores little and often throughout the day, they are not only spread out but they don’t prey on my subconscious and distract me while I’m working. I list what chores need doing and when I’m going to do them. It’s amazing what you can do while waiting for the kettle to boil!

The article Yaro refers to in the video is a great read and should help you feel inspired to kick those negative thoughts to the kerb!

What do you do to boost your productivity?

Original Source: Yaro Starak, Video Source

15 thoughts on “Yaro Starak Discovers Doing The Dishes Helps To Get His Motivation Going And He Becomes Even More Productive”

  1. So true! This is how I live my entire life, actually. XD lol

    As long as you’re being productive and accomplishing tasks as required, no matter what you’re doing, you’re working towards your larger goals.

    Whether it’s a chore, work, or relaxing with friends (building relationships and de-stressing – 2 birds, 1 stone!), every little bit accomplished builds your confidence, your skill set(s), and takes some stress off of your shoulders.

    So keep at it, chore-doers! You’re heading towards a better life, 1 tiny task at a time! ^-^

    1. Totally agree Cheryl. Sometimes we are so focused on the goal that we forget the little steps we need to take to get there. I read a book by Tiffany Lambert which really helped me to realise that the way I’m doing things does actually make sense and that really helped.

  2. I agree on doing something else when you are stuck or unmotivated helps. Sometimes more, some times less. I tend to go out and run or something equal. But perhaps leaving the dishes to moments like this could help also. But I guess that won’t be very popular when I’m supposed to do the dishes, and I say I want to wait with it until times like this. lol

    1. Might not be the best move Stefan! Perhaps though just doing a different chore or task would be the answer though. If the dishes don’t need doing then I may quickly vacuum or do the bins. There are so many little chores that always need doing that really I’m never lost for choice!

      Of course a different tack to take would be to play with the kids, walk the dog or do something completely different that you’ve wanted to try but haven’t had a chance to before!

  3. This is brilliance on display. Believe it or not, what Yaro is saying is being proven again and again by neuroscience and sports psychology. Doing small tasks that produce results consistently is one of the best ways to rewire the brain for success. We have learned that the essence of success is ‘completion’ and the essence of completion is integrity (doing what you say you are going to do). As you complete small tasks (and small projects), you instruct your brain to be successful – which then ‘bleeds’ over into your other activities (like building your business). The entire process results in momentum (which is almost magical to have). I love this article and its advice. Thanks for providing it!

    1. Thanks Dan for such an insightful response. I love the scientific explanation you’ve given for this. ‘Magical’ does begin to describe the effect this has.

      I started doing my mini-chores/tasks by accident when trying to manage my time better and discovered that it had a knock on effect on my motivation and productivity. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that it was an acceptable and beneficial method of productivity etc.

  4. Boy all the comments by you guys – not wanting to do dishes!! I’ll bet you eat every day! Never mind I know you are, mostly anyway, teasing. But the premise is pretty sound. Have you not noticed when you know you should get more exercise but you are finding every excuse in the book not to do it – but when you finally get going you feel more energized? It is all those wonderful endorphins kicking in to help elevate your mood, increase your sense of well being, oxygenates your blood – and Viola you have changed your state of mind. Thanks for sharing Amanda.

    1. That is so true Sherry. I think it’s easy to prevaricate and put things off but I always find that when I actually do the task I feel so much better. You’ve just got to love those endorphins!

  5. Although I am impulsive and it is an Interesting concept, I am not going to rush into trying this one.

    1. Of course not everyone will want to try it out which is fine. Do you have a favourite method of boosting your motivation Gordon?

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