Transparency: Morgan Spurlock’s Greatest Ted Talk Ever Sold

Filmmaker and producer Morgan Spurlock talked about the events that led up to the making of his film “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.”

In a clever ploy, he even went so far as to name his talk “The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold” and he sold the onstage naming rights to this talk online.

Spurlock gets right into the heart of brand marketing and transparency in this short, but revealing video.

Obviously, Spurlock’s TED Talk was a pitch to assist him in promoting his film, but nevertheless, he does give viewers some revealing and humorous insights into brand marketing and the journey he embarked on.

The theme of the film is that it is about the growing world of product placement in the media. For example, TV and movies, with the idea being that it would be financed by-product placements in the documentary itself.

Original Source: Morgan Spurlock talks about transparency in brand marketing. TED-Ed TED Education

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  1. Hi Mike, I watched this on Ted and the whole while wondered why I couldn’t be as off the cuff, irreverent, funny and yet dead on! That’s a whole ‘nother world. His discussion of branding couldn’t be more relevant especially with all of the charlatans and scammers out there … the public is getting frustrated and who can blame them? It’s time we all stepped up and supported the accountability we espouse.

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