How To Drive E-Commerce Sales By Increasing Traffic Using Pinterest

Pinterest has worked its way up to becoming the world’s 3rd most popular social networking website.

While some may consider it be a relative newcomer in the social networking arena, astute business owners have realized the impact it can have on their e-commerce sites and they have been quick to include it as a part of their overall sales, marketing and social media strategies.

Many users would already be aware of the Pinterest web browser add-on buttons. Once installed, it then becomes a simple matter of clicking the button to select a page, article, image, video, etc., to be “pinned “on their Pinterest board.

Although this video primarily demonstrates how to add Pinterest “Pin it” buttons to WordPress posts and product images, it also has a brief introductory section which explains how Pinterest can assist in increasing traffic to e-commerce sites or any alternative website.

Original Source: Instructional video that explains how to potentially increase traffic to e-commerce sites and any websites using Pinterest buttons added to WordPress Blogs. Official 77WebStudio YouTube Channel.

8 thoughts on “How To Drive E-Commerce Sales By Increasing Traffic Using Pinterest”

  1. Very informative Mike, thanks. I have not gotten into Pinterest as so many others have, I use it for my own boards but as it has been mentioned already it is an oft overlooked media for promotion. I will definitely use the resources outlined, especially the plugin for my blog and the Mashable article on who uses Pinterest. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Sherry. To be perfectly honest, I was late to the party myself re-making use of Pinterest.

  2. Pinterest is one of the greatest social networks available, and it has a lot of hidden powers that the most tend to overlook. Great video, I shared that with my paid mastermind group!

  3. Pinterest is an incredibly powerful tool for e-commerce sites. I do think it’s one that many business owners still ignore though. I noticed when I was a digital scrapbook resource designer that many designers wouldn’t promote their own products on Pinterest as they believed it was against the terms and unethical.

    I know that I don’t use Pinterest as much as I should but I think that’s because once I start browsing the site I spend way too long there!

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