How To Build A Social Media Marketing Action Plan

These days, many businesses have adopted social media marketing as an overall part of their marketing mix. Gone are the days where businesses simply threw up a fan page on Facebook and either waited for or solicited a few “likes” to their page and left it at that.

Ric Dragon, author of Social Marketology spoke at the BRITE ’13 conference about building an action plan for your social media marketing and he provided an adaptable action plan that is suitable for any business, regardless of size.

Dragon explained that as with all forms of marketing, social media campaigns should align with the overall marketing strategy of the business.

He points out that it is important to keep in mind the four major brand stakeholders:

  • Us
  • Them
  • Communities
  • Influencers

He also explains how to focus on developing the metrics of campaigns and how to drill into micro-niches, which may reveal hidden communities.

Dragon suggests that there are five key approaches to consider when executing social media campaigns. These are:

  • Brand
  • Reputation and crisis
  • Community building
  • Influence
  • Big splash

He explains these points in detail in the video and also provides further insights related to storytelling, which as most marketers understand, is a valuable tool and should be included with a balanced mix of the points mentioned above.

Original Source: Ric Dragon, author of “Social Marketology” and CEO of Dragon Search, presented a framework to develop a social media marketing strategy and action plan at the BRITE ’13 conference.

2 thoughts on “How To Build A Social Media Marketing Action Plan”

  1. Great information Mike, thanks for sharing. I remember Howie Schwartz years ago in one of the first video seminar replays I saw discussing the principles of social marketing. He did not use any of the terms we do today like social signals, or social marketing campaigns. But he talked about the underlying principles that still are true today now that Facebook is so prevalent. He drew a diagram that I have never forgotten and still try to incorporate into my marketing. Ric Dragon brings this information forward to the present day for me and I learned a lot.

    1. Thanks Sherry. I remember some of Howie’s content as well. I haven’t heard from him in ages though.

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