Do What You Want To – Break Out And Focus On The Important Things In Your Life

Sometimes when you are focusing 100% in your own business or on your job as an employee, you can feel both frustration and fatigue.

For some of us, that happens a lot and way too often. Josh Izenberg has captured a man who broke his chains and really did what he wanted, advice he got from a 90-year-old man in a queue.

Dr. John Kitchin quit his medical career and he followed the guidance he got. Today he calls himself “Slomo”.

Living his life, doing just what he wants and needs to. One time in the video he says: “I thought I was going crazy because I was so happy.” When was the last time you said that? Lean back and take the minutes it takes to watch the video.

It might give you some new perspective on things in your life.

Original Source: Josh Izenberg is a filmmaker based in San Francisco. “Slomo,” which is his first documentary, has received more than a dozen awards including Best Documentary Short by the International Documentary Association and the jury award for best short documentary at SXSW.

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  1. While the sentiments in this are great, I don’t have a 12 cylinder BMW or a Ferrari or a mansion overlooking the ocean to sell off and re-invest in something that will let me pursue my dreams – well at least not yet 🙂 I do envy his peace of mind and connection to spirit.

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