Chris Brogan gives great ideas for your Smartphone Mobile Marketing

Many small business don’t even have a mobile web presence. It’s understandable as Chris explains because you spend a lot of money-getting your website created and now you are expected to have a mobile presence as well.

Small Business owners have to have a mobile friendly presence however you have to be aware of what people want from your mobile site vs your online site.

Great advice from Chris in that just because you have your site done, doesn’t mean you are done and can sit back. Just like brushing your teeth, you have to keep working on your site.

He gave some great advice and you should be considering these for your own business.

  • Make your website mobile friendly and keep content brief because mobile screens are small.
  • Address the needs people are looking for on a mobile device
  • Make sure that you are just asking for one ask each contact
  • Be aware of your newsletters for mobiles
  • Start looking how you want to engage with people on social media. Twitter, Instragram are built for mobiles.
  • If you build an application, make it useful for the buyer, not for lead generation.

Original Source: Success Magazine

2 thoughts on “Chris Brogan gives great ideas for your Smartphone Mobile Marketing”

  1. Very timely information Tania, I work in the real estate industry and 90% of buyers search online for their purchase, while only 10% of realtor websites are mobile friendly. For many, especially during the last five years it has been a struggle just to survive. And as the market improves I believe we will see more mobile sites. I totally agree that you have to keep nurturing your site, or just like plants they wither and die. Great find Tania, thanks for sharing.

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